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Super sharp

You can’t get the job done with a dull blade. For incredibly sharp edges, use the mobile blade sharpening services provided by Super Sharp in Folsom, California. With our on-site, same-day services, you won’t have to pack up your items to ship them off, and then wait weeks to get them back. We sharpen all your blades at once, allowing you to get right back to work.

What started as a hobby more than 20 years ago has turned into a reputable business that uses the latest technology in wet stone sharpening to guarantee the sharpest cut. If you are not initially satisfied with our services, we’ll re-sharpen your blades for free within 48 hours.

Whether you are a gardener, home chef, sportsman, or foodie, we will sharpen your edges, so you get a precise cut every time. Our expertise coupled with our reliable, affordable services ensures your blades will never go dull. Let us transform your sharpening experience today.

Special Promotion Steak knives sharpened $5.00/ea. Serrated or plain edge knives

Super Sharp Special Salon Shears $25.00 ea/ no limit! Pinking Shears: $10.00/ea

Stay on the Cutting Edge With Our Blade Sharpening Services

We offer tool blade and knife sharpening services for both residential and commercial customers. Our mobile services are convenient and affordable, and our state-of-the-art sharpening technology guarantees you’ll get a razor-sharp blade every time.